Chef Tony - Part 4

Breakfast was to be served at 8:30 with coffee available whenever we wanted (thank goodness!).  When we made our way down, this was our setting -

it was very different from other B&B's we have visited as there is generally a big table that everyone sits around.  I definitely like the quaintness here -

It was a beautiful morning - coffee, juice, water and then this -

Then Judy brought our main course and said Chef Tony made this for our anniversary - Awesome!

And how yummy!

We totally enjoyed the food and the time chatting with Judy.

There were a couple of things I hadn't noticed until that morning - like the grape vines -

And then Judy showed me the clocks.  This one was really cool - it opens up to show how the pieces work and plays music then closes right back up -

She is a retailer for this company and had many throughout the castle.  I have honestly never seen anything like these.  There was one I totally fell in love with - Cinderella in her castle.  Sigh.....How perfect!

We wrapped up our visit and stay with a few pictures -

Can't wait to go back - and if any of my blog friends ever make a trip to Cumberland and are looking for the perfect Bed and Breakfast - here's the LINK....

Next up - our Train ride!!

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