Part 5 - The RIDE...

After breakfast it was time for the main reason for coming to Cumberland - the TRAIN ride!

I was like a kid.....so excited! I couldn't wait to take pictures but we had to pick up our tickets first -

Then to snap some pictures before we board -

our car was 851 -

I didn't realize the engine required water.  This big spicket filled her up!

Time to board-

And find our table -

We found just a little bit of humor in the 'emergency' sigh -

We had lunch on the way up - For some reason I didn't take pictures of our food.  Seriously.....FAIL.  But it was good.  Chicken Caesar Salad and Orange Roughy.  Of course I did get a bottle of water with a pretty cool label -

And we're off - the front....

And the end -

Then into a tunnel -

Then about an hour later we arrived in Frostburg -

The diesel was pretty hot - check out the coals...

And now it's time to turn the engine around - 

This was the coolest thing - the train drives on,  then the table turns completely around.  We had an hour and a half layover in Frostburg so we could go shopping but we opted to hang around and watch.  So cool!

The interesting part is that the engine that pulled us there, decided to bring up the end this time.  So here's the front on the way home -

On the ride, Ronnie chatted with the Conductor to confirm that he and Dad (many years ago) actually saw #734 being refurbished when they made a trip to Cumberland.  Sure enough, after discussing the timeline it was confirmed.  Amazing.  That made it all the more special.  

Dad sure loved his trains - it would have been fun to share this story with him.  And he too, would have wanted his picture with the Conductor =)

Oh, I can't forget our dessert on the way back.  It was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  Good stuff!

So there you have it......the story about our Ride.  Definitely going to be something we do again.  Maybe in the fall.  Can you imagine the pretty colors then?  

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