What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday

Journaling my life is something I do have tried to do for many years.  I have at least 5 journals, I scrapbook (when I have time) and I blog 3-4 times a week.  Unfortunately though, the pages in my journals are blank, my scrapbooking is behind and my blog?!  Well, sometimes you just can't say what you really want to there.  (Although I do have tons of 'drafts', ha!)

Several years ago my bff and I had the privilege of skimming through "Ma's" diaries.  I could have spent days going through them as her life unfolded.  Her most personal, heartfelt thoughts were right there in front of my eyes.  Her handwriting is something that could never be mistaken and as the years passed, we could begin to see a change......probably just age.

But, I think it is so important to leave your mark.  Let your family and close friends know what was really in your head.  And even express written feelings to those that may not really know how much you love them.  So with that in mind, I was so excited to find this handy, dandy Mac app!

It has a reminder that you can set so I get pokes throughout the day that keep me on my toes and so far, so good!  I'm proud of myself for keeping up and thankful for Scrapaholics for sharing.  Every now and then something good does come from Facebook, lol!

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  1. What a cool APP !! I'm going to look into it more !!! Happy Wednesday my friend :)