Simplier times.........

Today's been one of those days. A day where you step back and look at life.

A day when you can't help but wonder why and a day when you challenge "everything happens for a reason".

Yesterday as I was 'working out', I thought it would be fun, nice, beneficial to start cleaning out drawers, cabinets and rooms to simplify.

So tonight as I sit in what we consider the 'old' living room, with candles burning and just a little bit of light from a few lamps, I think back to more simple times. Times when this room was all we had....
for years, a pack and play and/or bassinet was a permanent fixture. Toys were in a bin and candles were out of reach. Our TV was big and fat and small. We all had to watch the same show. Our cell phones were not within reach 24/7.

So just for tonight I'm going to sit here. In this old room, watch the old tv (that's not HD) and pray for the sun to come up tomorrow =)

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