a HAPPY New Year!

That's what I wish for all my 'blog' friends! I can say that our's has certainly started off great! We said 'good-bye' to 2011 with two of our really good friends,
were greeted shortly after 1 a.m. by our four travel partners (although only two opted for photos, lol!)
woke up to the sounds of the ocean and this beautiful sunrise!
So honestly, how much better can the year start off?! 

Well, it's not going to start off with New Year's resolutions that I never seem to keep. In lieu of that though, I have created somewhat of a '2012 to-do' (or hope to do) list.

  1. organize my photos.  Shew...I just can't seem to find that perfect way to accomplish this.  I use iPhoto so have 'events'.  Have three Western Digital books and then have some in Photoshop something or other.  Any suggestions?
  2. Use coupons more.....I honestly could save a lot of money if I used the many coupons I get (or have access to).  
  3. Read the bible on my iPad app.  I downloaded a really cool app and so far LOVE.  Now, to stick with it.
  4. Exercise regularly.  I'm hit or miss here and have about 5 (or so) pounds that I would love to lose.  I feel so much better when I take the time to work out each day.
  5. Simplify....everything needs to be simplified for me.  I have camera equipment that I don't use/need.  I have books that someone else can certainly enjoy.  Now that I have my iPad, can get rid of my eReader.  Just some 'clutter' that is not adding much value.  hmmm....
  6. Paint our bedroom.  
  7. Organize/decorate/paint our exercise room
  8. Sew more.  I have so many cute kits and love to spend time in that room.  
  9. Shop with "green" (reusable) bags.  I hate those plastic bags and have many of these reusable bags.  It's amazing how much stuff you can get in these bags AND they sit better in the back of the car.  

Hopefully this isn't too much to accomplish but I know I will feel much better if I can do it.  

So CHEERS to each of you for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  May 2012 be all you want it to be!

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