Baby it's COLD out there...

That's one of my favorite holiday tunes and tonight, it's SO fitting! We have gone from the 60's all the way down to the teens in just 48 hours. Shew.......! 

And speaking of cold?! Well, nothing must do but for Ronnie, Chase and Cam to partake in their own Polar Bear Plunge in Ocean City on New Year's Day -
Luckily the air temp was nearly 60 but the water?! well, it was in the 40's. COLD!

They stripped down to their trunks then - ready, set, go!
Then totally in and under -
and out of the water they came!
straight to the hotel hot tub, ha!

I have a video too but haven't uploaded yet to share. It's certainly a classic =)

Of course, Cierra, Courtney and I didn't share in any of that fun since we were responsible for all the cameras and the girls wanted some pictures -
Just before we left, we bottled up some sand from one of our top 5 "favorite places on earth", trying to save the sands of time....


  1. Looks like so much fun ! Not sure I could get in the water with it being soooo cold, BUT hey they did it and survived :) Great memories !!!

  2. I love your "cold" weather. All of the water around here has 2 feet of ice on it! hehehe