Sorting stuff out...

I've been on this kick lately, been feelin' the need to sort stuff; clean out; get rid of what we don't need/use.

Today's project:! The pantry. Ugh was it ever needing a make-over (or clean-up). So shortly after lunch I began. Yep, found more than one of several items that household's really only need one. Got rid of the 'aged' stuff and figured out meals for this week all with what we had right under our nose. Imagine that.
It took me several hours but it's finally done -
Much better, huh?

On a completely different note, am I the only one that has trouble with using Picnik on a Mac? It constantly shuts down.

And what's on my list next? Let's just say one room at a time, 'one day at a time'!

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