ANOTHER fun night -

It's funny because I think sometimes we get 'bad rap' because we LOVE to spend time at some of the wineries that are close by. So, just for kicks (and giggles) I thought I would take a few minutes to share the top 10 reasons we LOVE it so much:

  1. We have several to chose from, less than an hour from our house.
  2. Free music/entertainment.
  3. It's cheap.....one bottle of wine is less than $20 and equates to 4 drinks.  
  4. Quaint.  Each have their own decor but are all very cozy/country.
  5. Quiet.  Even when there's more than just the two of us, it's very enjoyable to just chill out and relax for a few hours.  
  6. Some of our best decisions have been made over a nice bottle of wine ;)
  7. Very educational.  We have learned so much about 'grapes' and boy are there lots of different kinds, ha!  
  8. The festivals - We enjoy attending the festivals where all the wineries come together, putting together a day or weekend of fun!
  9. Members only clubs - most if not all of the wineries have clubs.  We are only members of two however the discounts and 'private' events are wonderful!
  10. Friends!  We have made so many new friends over the past year (or so).  And, we even stay connected through my blog or FB or e:mail.  Friday night wasn't any different, we were able to spend time with these two -
    Stephanie and Paige are home from college but will soon be heading back. We were happy to be able to spend a few Friday nights with them and their parents (who own Knob Hall =). So there you have it. Wineries = Fun times and Good Friends!

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