We don't make a trip to the beach without stopping to see Nanny.  So mid afternoon the six of us traipsed in for a quick visit.

Nanny, well she's not your typical 82 year old.  She spends a fair amount of time on the computer/internet and has even been known to surprise the county court house by responding on-line versus in person, ha!  She goes out and about whenever she pleases and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.  Honestly, it's amazing, impressive and only something we can hope for.

Yesterday's conversation was all about the holidays and she received a gift that even I didn't know existed.
Now she can dig out all her albums, play 'em, hook the USB to her computer and move 'em right over.. Pretty cool huh?!

But I have to be honest, the best story of all is about her moccasins.  Cierra noticed them and said "I like your moccasins, Nanny", only for Nanny to say "yep, Carolyn gave them to me.  She didn't like.  They're UGGs."  I thought Cierra was going to pee her pants.  UGG moccasins were on her Christmas list but for the price of one pair, she could get 3 or 4 cheaper pairs.  We laughed and laughed about an 82 year old having UGG moccasins while a 15 year old didn't get them from Santa.

So once again, Nanny didn't let us down.  She's keeping right up with the latest trends =)

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