Still learning....

after ALL these years; Yep!

The past few weeks have been very challenging but I keep going.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.  Praying for the best.

As I sit here today, I realize how much I have learned.
  • trust is earned; not assumed
  • i am not invincible
  • praying from the knees is very emotional
  • that "Joel" often knows exactly what I need to hear =)
  • what it feels like to love someone more than life itself
  • what it feels like to not only hurt those you love but also to be hurt by those that you love
  • how priceless it is to have my daughter by my side at one of my darkest, most grim moments 
  • what 'rock bottom' feels like
  • how comforting the book of Psalms can be
  • what it really means to 'pick up the pieces'
  • saying I'm sorry doesn't necessarily mean I'm wrong
  • sometimes I really can't make sense of a situation and that has to be ok
  • that it's ok to stare at my wrist "believe" and challenge what I see, say and hear
  • it's just as important to forgive as it is to ask for forgiveness
  • that my famous words "everything happens for a reason" are sometimes difficult to swallow
  • how important it is to live each day (and night) as if it's my last
  • what it means to go through the 'thin' of 'thick and thin'. 
And while a lot of things will never be the same, there's a sense of a 'new normal'.  Many of the things that I did before simply don't matter and have been replaced with new routines, new habits and most of all new appreciation, respect and meaning.  

Happy Monday ya'all!

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