The raging waters of 2010 - Wow!

We have been getting rain for the past three days with predictions of 3 - 5 inches. Keep in mind that we had 30+ inches of snow just a little over a month ago so our ground is pretty saturated.

We didn't have any major plans this weekend; went to dinner Friday night, the kids had friends over then we had a fun night with Kayden last night. In between events, Ronnie, Chase and I made our way to Shepherdstown yesterday which has the Potomac running along side and Harpers Ferry which is where the Shenandoah and Potomac come together. I travel these two bridges each day on my way to work so love to take note of changes in this 'active' spot. This weekend was packed with people and cars which we generally see during the summer months and Christmas time. I guess they were anxious to see the raging water, too!

Today Ronnie and I headed back out to see the difference in today from yesterday. I tried out my 'manual' skills this weekend which was a lot of fun. This first pictures is of a waterfall which doesn't exist unless we get lots of rain. It comes down off the mountain over the rocks, in between the bridges of West Virginia and Maryland....Isn't it amazing how beautiful and full this is yet it doesn't exist most of the time?!

Last Fall I took this picture of Cierra near a rock wall along the river....here's what the wall looked like todayHere's a beautiful bridge picture
And look how rough today.
Here's one of the train bridge
and here's todayHere's the fishing pier in our development where the guys go fishing....it was dry not too long ago!

So needless to say we have had some really wet weather but it's still been a great weekend, they are all great, right?!


  1. Your going to need a boat to get around! I like all the pics.