Her Journey with Jesus.....

Last night we received the sad news that Emma, has started her Journey with Jesus. This sweet little girl lived very close to us and attended the same school as our children. Shortly after we learned of her illness, we wanted to know more about her. She enjoyed receiving cards so at Christmas time (and other times throughout the year) we would send her cards. She also loved Tinkerbell so our Cub Scout Pack took the 'tip' money they earned at a Basket Bingo and bought her a Tinkerbell lamp. We invited her and her family out out for ice cream with the Pack at which time she was presented this gift.

We have continued to follow the "girl that lives in the pink house" and our hearts are truly broken that she lost her battle. Please pray for this family as they mourn the loss of their precious little angel; I know our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are certainly with them.

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