Fun Friday!

A few of us from work headed over to one of our favorite Winery's yesterday. We participated in a chocolate wine tasting which was pretty fun. The chocolates were numbered which coincided with the numbers on the wine list. This came to be pretty challenging for a few of us (wink, wink) because you had to nibble the chocolate to make it last. Really?, who nibbles chocolate?! But we did it and were amazed at how different the wines tasted with a little bit of chocolate.

We were very tempted to follow the Wine Trail....our area does really have a lot of options.The vineyard was still snow coveredAnd we even joked about this house that is really close to the road.
I am not kidding, if we put our window down and the house put their's up, we could touch each other, ha! We called it the 'drive through' house. Needless to say there was a lot of laughter during this outing - a perfect way to end a busy work week!

So, what did your Friday bring?

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  1. Whoa..that house IS really close to the road!

    Sounds like a fun time. You can't go wrong with chocolate and wine.