From a 4H project to a little Momma Goat

I totally LOVE 4H and this is just another reason why. Magic was Chase's 4H animal last year. He bought her, raised her, showed her at the county fair then sold her at the livestock sale. For those of you that follow me, you will recall that Chase's grandad actually bought Magic back from Frontier Communications after the sale. He kept her through the winter and bred her (successfully I must add) so today she presented Chase with two little goats. From what I understand, she and the babies are pretty lucky. Dr. Berkeley had to come to the rescue but so far, so good. They were only about an hour old when I took these pictures - they are marked really cute :) I'll get better pictures when they are moving around a little more...

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  1. They are so cute when they are babies! I love the way they prounce around.