The Golden Girls

Yes, that's what we were tonight and we all had a great time. Every now and then one of the 'guys' would come down from the bar but for the most part it was just twelve women and a baby girl watching the gold add up.

None of us had ever been to one of these parties before and according to Denise and Donna, I am their largest 'individual' show. Woo Hoo! Brittany got us started and I closed the party down. It was amazing to see how these two ladies worked together to first confirm it was real, then sort by karat, weigh, add up and then write those checks! It sort of became a game to see who received the highest check. Of course, it had to be me.....no one else had access to their jewelry box, ha!
As the hostess, I ended up with three checks. One for my gold, one for the hostess commission and a final check made payable to the 'charity of my choice'. I chose our church and had the honor of being able to present it to Pastor Joanna tonight since she and Lenny were in attendance.

So if any of you are thinking about having a party, GO FOR IT! It is ALOT of fun and VERY worth your while!

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