Life Lessons

There are some that disagree with our way of raising our children and some that totally understand, but the bottom line is we love our children like nothing else. Unconditionally. Equally and will ALWAYS be here for them, without a doubt. We didn't get an instruction book but boy, we sure could have used one, ha! We have learned from other's failures and provided our share of teachings to those that watch us.

We have taught our older ones to be independent and strong, encouraging them to spread their wings. Reach for the stars and dream. We never said it would be easy, never said they wouldn't fail at something. In fact, we want them to deal with life's realities and sometimes tough times so they can learn how to stand back up. They have witnessed disagreements under our roof but also seen us work through anything that was bounced this way. We have cheered them on from the sidelines; baseball, football, basketball, cheerleading, dance. We have ensured they have medical and dental attention, making our share of trips to the emergency room. We have photographed milestones and celebrated birthdays year after year. Education is a must. No dropping out of school, don't accept failing grades, they must work hard. There has always been food on the table, clothes in the closets and even a brand new back pack when school started each year. Our door has always been open. Friends? Sure thing. In fact there have been times that we didn't know who was under our roof; but it was always ok (until I backed into one of the cars parked illegally behind my garage door, lol) We've had our share of financial ups and downs throughout the years but basic needs have always been met. Luckily it doesn't cost anything to provide love and care. What has always been easy to do is make that special dessert or side dish for an outing, be the homeroom Mom who bakes the cupcakes, go on field trips around the county or out of state. We can share stories of their childhood (and even teenage years) and dig out tons of videos and pictures that we have accumulated over the years. These two are grown and living a life of their own; surviving, making the best of what they have and striving to succeed, independently. Sometimes days go by without even talking with them. I couldn't tell you their schedule or what they had for dinner last night. That doesn't mean I don't think of them or love them less. It simply means I have succeeded at teaching them what it's like to be self sufficient and take life one day at a time. I can also say that they make us very proud. Each in their own way. Continuously. I know they will be just fine and live life to it's fullest, not taking anything for granted.

The younger ones are still in between growing and experiencing life events. We are doing all the same things, although the times have changes and activities are somewhat different. They still have the same expectations and would probably tell you I am down right "mean".

Regardless, life is life and we have to learn to deal with the sudden jolts of uncomfortable situations. Today Chase (and all of us for that matter) is dealing with one of those heartbreaking situations. Magic died today, leaving her two little baby goats, Hocus and Pocus (thanks Ash!) for Grandma and Butch to care for. No matter how many times we have preached "these are projects, don't get attached", it's what we do. They become part of our life for a period of time. Some get sold, some get taken to the slaughter house and others make their way back home. Regardless, each of the animals leave a mark on our children's hearts. Chase is saddened but is doing his best to understand. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done. Dr. Berkeley made several visits and calls but Magic lost the battle. She was a sweet little goat.....God must have needed a new animal up there, right?

So Magic, here's to you! You will always be remembered and we enjoyed the time you were with us.

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  1. Oh my gosh-I think that is the saddest thing I have seen today. I had to fight back some tears. Poor Chase. Those two little ones are adorable!

    My son thinks I am the meanest Mom in the world, so you are not alone. That means we are doing are jobs! :)