Tricks of the Trade

Juggling has always amazed me. Not sure why but it just seems really hard. I think most of us (mom's at least) are good at keeping many balls in the air at once because that's how we survive. But how do those people really juggle balls and bowling pins and all those other things that entertain so many of us?

Well tonight at Boy Scouts Ronnie had one of the parents come in and teach them a few things, one of which was juggling. The first "ah ha" was that they learned with scarves. Nothing to break or be noisy as they fall, huh? Then it's all in the 'cross over' - something like "toss, cross, etc" It really is all in the thinking! Of course Ronnie completely gets it and came home to show us his new talent, using Walmart bags lol!
Meanwhile "back at the ranch" this little guy worked away on his homework. No fun for him tonight, he had to write a 2-3 minute speech about how you use math in sports. All written now, just need to type.Now, if you're really not interested in Juggling Tips, here's a blog that I found with tips for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (which is my new addiction). As you use these packages more and more, you do get more comfortable and familiar. Love that!

So if you're interested in getting tips on Tuesday, go here and sign-up!

That's all the tips I have for today :) Happy Wednesday!

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