Going for 12 years in a row?

Extra! Extra! Persistent pothole wins the Daytona 500!

Not thinking so, ha! Last year the race was 'called' early due to rain and this year the famous pot hole (times 2) stole some of the excitement.

As soon as I heard about the pothole I remembered being at Martinsville in 2004 when they had a similar issue. The race was red flagged for over 2 hours. When the officials at the Daytona 500 race said 15-20 minutes I just laughed!

Regardless, fans spend a lot of money coming to this race and the past two years are making those diehard fans really wonder about checking out another track.

Guess we'll have to see what next year brings but at this point there is no intention of renewing the tickets (that he has had for the past 11 years) and I didn't reserve the KOA.

We had a good time and enjoyed the 'sunny' state even though the temperatures were about 20 degrees below average but are home and getting settled back into the routine. Luckily the kids didn't miss any school (yay me!) and even have another day of tomorrow. Wow!

So for those of you that followed our adventure, thanks! and I hope you enjoyed spending the week with us.

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