Nope, I am certainly not there but would LOVE to be! I've been following MckMama and Melissa who are having a blast while I'm buried in 2' of snow and homebound.

I am almost at my one year anniversary and have learned so much, made so many friends and am SO addicted but I haven't quite taken that step to attend one of the 'blog conferences'. I know it would be lots of fun and Ronnie tells me 'just do it' - he loves to go places, too and would find something to keep him occupied. Plus, how cool is it that you can keep your laptop up during meetings and while speakers are 'at it'? Wow!

So, if you're one of us too who didn't take the plunge, come along and hop over to Blessed Moon and join the blog-hop! Hopefully soon I'll have a "blissdom badge" on my blog and be able to share in all the fun!


  1. Stopping by from Patty's party. 2 FEET of snow? Oh my goodness! That's amazing! Hope you're snug and warm...and enjoying the party.

  2. i think i've been to your blog before! :)

    sorry you are homebound, but what a great reason to snuggle in and enjoy the comforts of home! you must be an east-coast gal?

    thanks for blog-hopping with me... hope you are enjoying the party! :)

  3. I'm "Not at Blissdom" either...

    2" of snow... wow...I love snow... we had three minutes of flurries today...woo hoo...

    Anyhow, nice meeting you.

  4. What a pretty blog, and I like your mixpod app. Hope you don't mind if I steal an idea or two. I am pretty new at blogging as well, trying to make mine more interesting. Maybe we'll make it to Blissdom someday :)
    Happy Sunday!

  5. I'm on the "Not-at-Blissdom" tour too - and it's so nice to discover such a lovely blog!

    Hope you survive the snow - I can't even imagine what that would be like!


  6. Stopping by from Patty's - I like your blog design - very cute - I especially like the scrolling "places I go."