Rainy but still better than home....

and we found other stuff to do. Manatees have always amazed me and Sea World's manatee exhibit is one of my favorites. It's almost as if I feel sorry for them...they are so big yet graceful and somewhat quick but seem to always be in harms way. Blue Spring State Park is about 20 minutes or so from Daytona and back in 2006 Ronnie and I visited there so we decided to take the kids this time. Sure enough, they are quickly swimming around the dock for us to see. The water is 72 degrees so you can see the steam. It is much more beautiful when the sun is shining but the kids still enjoyed it.

Check out the two fish on this manatee's back :)

We saw some orange trees along the way - actually in the backyard of many houses.
And even passed Valentine Park (how fitting this weekend?)
I had searched for local wineries - (last year we went to one in St. Augustine) and I found one in Ormond Beach. From the information I found, it sounded like they had some really 'fun/tropical' varieties. We definitely weren't mislead - we tasted nearly 30 and liked almost all of them! It was a difficult decision but we decided on five.

The truck race was cancelled so we hung out at home and watched "Finding Nemo" while Chase finished up his project :)The weather is already looking better for the remainder of our trip so no complaints here.

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