Riding out the storm.....

Bags packed - motor home ready, house sitters waiting but we're not leaving anytime soon :( Today was supposed to be the day we left for Daytona Beach.....yes, supposed to be. Unfortunately we are right in the bull's eye of more than 2 feet of snow. I like snow but this year we have had more than our share so I'm pretty much over it and ready for Spring. Now we sit and wait for this to stop (sometime tomorrow) so Ronnie and Jeremy can get all the parking lots clear. Then, we will be on the road heading to the sunshine state!

We can't complain though, we have made the best of our situation. We kept Kayden last night and have enjoyed having her here with us today...she had Mickey Mouse waffles this morning We moved the cars around before the snow came (notice the asphalt)we read some books...we watched out the windowwe played with some 'toys' :)then we went outside...wow, lots of snow! Boy, it is really snowing! and what a difference from this morning's picture.

And now Daddy came and picked up the princess and we won't see her for over a week. For us, it's back to last minute stuff and cleaning so I'm ready whenever the bus is ready to pull out :)!

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  1. Hang in there! You'll be in sunny Florida before you know it!