I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st.  Whew - where did this year go?  And, with November coming to an end, my handsome husband is able to shave, ha!

Yep!  this is his 2nd or 3rd year participating in the "No Shave November" fundraiser and was sure to donate tonight.  He said he only saved $5 since he only shaves once a week but was sure to multiple that by 10 since it's such a good cause.

Too bad I didn't get an 'after' picture.....maybe tomorrow =)  Did you participate? Ronnie challenged all his FB friends to match or 'up' his contribution.  We shall see who is up for that challenge.  

Now it's on to December with just 21 days and it will stay light a little bit longer =)  I'm counting down.

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