Drive? Not Fly?

That's right -  this time I am traveling for work and just an hour and a half away =)

Right in our Nation's Capitol.

I consider myself a country girl and although I have spent many nights in downtown Minneapolis, something is different here.  Maybe it's because I hear of the shootings EVERY.  SINGLE. DAY because it's our 'local' news.  Maybe it's because I really don't know my way around.  Regardless, I was determined to be in by dark.  So I hurried.....with my camera.  Two blocks to the left -

Right across the street -

A pretty building -

A bird just hanging out enjoying the beautiful November weather -

A flower holding on to every bit of sunshine -

Busy, busy transportation  -

Ahhh well look here -

All within a few a few blocks of K Street -

and now I am back at the hotel and in for the night.  Yay!

Yep - not too bad and the weather is awesome!

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