bah hum bug.  Yep, that's kinda been me.  The holidays just haven't been the same for the past 3 to 4 years.  It's just a combination of things but I used to have 4 or 5 trees.  The house full of decor representing the real reason as well as Santa.  Now, I have one tree.  No elaborate decorating.  Simple.  That's how my life is these days and it's ok.  It's actually all good.

Thanksgiving is one of those tough holidays when you have 'older' children.  So, this year Ronnie had an awesome idea.  He planned breakfast.  That way we could enjoy a meal together and then no one had to feel obligated to eat yet another turkey dinner with us.  Hoorah for all.

So breakfast it was and, what an AWESOME idea.  Fresh bacon and sausage from a local meat shop -Some Mickey waffles and Ronnie's 'special' scrambled eggs.  It was the GREATEST idea since PB&J.  hehe

All while the perfect, awesome, annual Thanksgiving Day Parade was on -

And these two are adorable -

And they enjoyed the breakfast too.

And even helped clean up -

Everyone ate and then was off to have dinner with their 'other' families.  But not before some selfies =)

Of course Ronnie, being the great husband he is, was determined to make the day special.  So....the surprise was to leave the house around 2 for dinner reservations about 2 hours away.  I know better than to ask questions  =)

Once I saw Annapolis as one of the towns we were heading to, I was hoping our dinner would be water front.  THAT is my happy place (besides my sewing room =) The drive there was beautiful -

Sure enough - this was what I saw when we arrived -

BEAUTIFUL.  We had a few minutes to spare so we consumed the atmosphere.

And then it was time to check-in.

The place was packed.  I heard one couple say on their way out "IT IS WORTH THE WAIT".   Good sign, ha!

And honestly that was the absolute truth.  The dinner was awesome....from the turkey and ham to the stuffings (traditional, corn & oyster) to the sweet potatoes and a nice bottle of chardonnay.

And let's not skip the desserts -

OR the eggnog (that we had to buy a bottle of =)

It was an awesome adventure.  Good food.  Perfect place and waterfront.  Yay me.  I have the best husband and the moon followed us all the way home.

I hope everyone else had an awesome Thanksgiving as well.  There is so much to be thankful for these days.  The holiday season is officially upon us - Santa arrived, lol!

Cheers -

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