And what do you do....

On a rainy, chilly night that you have (yes I said HAVE) to go to Costco?!

Well - you make it quick so you can get to the fun part of the night.  Or should I say YUMMY?

You can even do some work while you wait -

AND have some awesome dessert (with some to take home)..Yep, she knows us well!

Yep, that was our 'Thursday' evening.  And - if you are ever at Creek's Edge you are soooooo close to this place

which has AWESOME sushi as well =)

Of course it always helps to listen to Emily prior to going there, hehe....

And we SO love her.  She is a 2nd grade teacher and connected with us right away many moons ago. She wishes Cinderella LOTS of luck <3 p="">

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