What I don't know....

CANNOT hurt me.  It's that simple.  But.....what I didn't know is that the Harley Electra Glide seat is sooooo much more comfortable than the one I have experienced for the past 3 years, ha!

And so it is - Ronnie's new toy =)  Well, it's new to him which is surprising given he DISLIKES anything 'used'.  This just seemed to be the perfect opportunity to upgrade without hitting the wallet.  Yep!  That makes it all the better -

And I even have more 'luggage' space for the weekend get away.  Super excited, to say the least.  Boy am I glad I didn't know how comfy this seat was before - hehe.  Now......next goal is to move south where it's warmer much longer than here.  I can dream, right?!

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