On a cold winter's night…..

this comes in handy…..

We have come to love this.  It took a little bit but we finally got rid of the big pot and now strictly use this convenient brewing system!  AND even better, I had a cup of my The Coffee Beanery Hawaiian Coconut freshly ground -

Fill up the paper filter -

Well, you have to have the special container - EZ-Cup, too -

and YEP - a perfect cup!

Which means now that I have this figured out I can get all of my favorite flavored coffees.  Yay!

Oh and I do have another new toy that I love.  I had an 'older model' for YEARS and dealt with the crack for the past several until I got this bad boy for Christmas, ha!

No adjustment necessary……out of the box and woolaa!

gadgets…….cameras…….anything Apple and I'm good =)  Stay warm - xoxo

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  1. Love my Keurig !!!!! I've never tried those cups. Do they work well ???