My 2 cents...

Not many people ask for my input but I decided to take a few minutes and give my 2 cents about two wineries we recently visited.   Keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion.

So we turned onto Tranquility Road -

Nice…well pretty nice until the good road ended and we were on gravel.  Rough gravel.  Pot holes.  Mud.  Yuck.  For about a mile.

But once we turned left -

Horses on our left (world class Hanoverians might I add) and vines on our right. Yep, we are here - Otium Cellars (keep in mind that Otium means:  leisure; peace; tranquility….perfect)

The the tasting room was beautiful -

We tasted all of their wines.  Pinot Gris seems to be their most produced.  We tasted 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Each very different.  One dry, one sweet, one in the middle.  Their Chardonnay was ok.  Not our favorite but ok.  

The reds were pretty good.  Several.  Some with a unique taste.  Different grapes than we were accustomed to but very interesting.  

Our 'pourer' was very good.  Fun, informative, very accommodating.  The owner came in at one point (we only knew because our pourer told us) and was soon out and about on a tractor -  

We chose the Cabernet Sauvignon - very smooth.  Very enjoyable.  So all in all, the wines were good.  

What I observed with the tasting room is that it's rather small.  It's beautiful but all the glass overlooks the other building and parking lot.  To me it seems as if it would be much more beautiful to face the mountains.  We all know Loudoun County is full of beautiful views.  When the weather is nice, there is plenty of space to sit outside.  There's a pavilion with lots of seating that overlooks the pond -

So….bottom line.  We will visit again but this is not a place we would frequent.  

Next we headed through Purcellville, into Hillsboro and onto Route 671 (Harpers Ferry Road) -

Pay close attention to the description…..wine CAVES =)

interesting.  very interesting (anyone remember the Tele Tubbies?  haha)

But once inside, we met Maggie and the wine keepers, ha!

 The wines were great!

We purchased two - a Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.  

My take - loved the wines and definitely someplace we will visit again when the weather is warm.  During the off season, there's really no place to sit and enjoy the wine.  Once outside, the view is nice.  Rolling hills with the mountain backdrop.  And Maggie…….she was awesome.  Full of energy and knowledge.  She started this as a project in her garage and after her friends tasted, they encouraged her to sell and share.  Good choice =)

Here's the view on the way out - 

Can't you just picture that in the Spring, Summer and Fall?!  

So there you have it.  MY opinion.  Happy Monday!

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