Fun night with the Jacksons -

We were long overdue for a night out with Kim and OJ and we finally found a night that worked for both.  We headed to Valerie Hill and grabbed a bottle of Stone Chimney Red -

Sat by the fire

And talked, laughed and planned.  We did have someone take our picture together -

and posted to Facebook but not before OJ approved, ha!

We shared what we knew about this Civil War jacket -and of course 'the one and only' had to play around with the sensor =)

And of course Ronnie, the history buff filled us all in by reading the story on the back of the bottle - 

this place is sooooo full of history.  I just love it and we learn something new each time we visit.

We listend to Kipyn for a little bit -

but the 'guys' couldn't be quiet so we had to excuse ourselves and go in the other room (no surprise there!)

We called it a night -

but just had to check out the new room upstairs.  wow!

Love it already!!  (this place definitely has some cool ghosts)

Then we found another corner and began planning.  We went from Spring Break in Myrtle to New Year's Eve in NYC.  Gotta love fun nights and it's always fun with them.  

And who would have thought a morning that started out looking like this -

would end up so perfect because we all know we have had some very weird, wicked weather this winter.  Just have to love happy times with good friends!

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