a good laugh….

ok - so it's not Spring.  It's not Easter.  And, it's NOT fake -

That's right, last night this little birdie flew in the front door when Chase opened it, ha!  Needless to say we all flipped out.  Britt, Brooklyn and Cierra took cover under the kitchen table while Ronnie, Brandon and Chase took charge.  Meanwhile I had the camera.  Yep, there were definitely a few good laughs but shortly thereafter, he was happy outside again.  Well, maybe tonight he is re-thinking =)

And then there's this -

I LOVE, LOVE this game.  Kayden got two different versions for Christmas so we played this one tonight.

But, Ronnie and I picked up the adult version over our Christmas/New Year's trip which was much harder.  Well, we played by the rules, LOL.  This is such a fun games and my cheeks end up hurting…..

and then on to a more serious note but definitely a new fav -

This book is filled with daily devotions that link the beach to life.  I had no idea about some of this stuff.  Today's was about sea oats -

such good stories and confirmation of my love for the beach and why so many pictures I have taken include the 'dunes' (as I know them =) -

and the reality of all this is……it is currently 6 degrees with a wind chill of well below ZERO but it is warm and toasty in here with both wood stoves going.  Good night ya'all!

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