The beauty of staying at a Bed & Breakfast is their delicious breakfast.  Honestly it's hard to describe unless you have experienced.  Our 'time' was 8:30.  I woke up early to this sunrise....ahhhhh

We got ready and headed down to the table - we were the only two there for the night.

When we arrived on Friday, Maria was making her famous granola.

The fruit was perfectly ripe -

and the entree' -

Of course I had to rely on Ronnie to help clean my plate, lol!  Just soooo much food.

Letting our food settle, we hung out and enjoyed the beautiful day for a little while -

Check out the house next door - it looks like something out of Malibu.....

We decided to mosey out around noon.  I had read about a lighthouse that you couldn't get to on foot but could see if you went into some private neighborhoods and peeked between houses.  Of course you can't tell us we can't do something -

Yep, this is the Bloody Point Lighthouse and this is about as close as you can get =)

Next stop -

we checked out the things inside - such history on this island.  Oysters are of course very popular -

Thus the need for oyster plates.

This was kinda funny because the night we had dinner at the Fisherman's Inn, Ronnie wondered what the significance was of all the deviled egg plates, haha!

Soon we realized they were actually oyster plates!

There were some new horseshoe crabs -

Then we hit the trail -

which lead to pure water beauty -

we are such 'water' people and love to be on, around or near the beach, bay or rivers.  It's a totally different world once you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

On the way out a turtle was in the road -

but this guy saved him =)

It was pretty hot so we headed over to the Red Eye Dock Bar but it was too early for us to drink (sigh) -

Unsweetened Ice Tea it was!

I had read about a new winery close by and while this wasn't a 'wine hopping' weekend, while we were this close, we felt we should at least check it out.   Here's the house -

and the vines -

and then the vineyard -

Very different but a pretty unique story -  Here's the owners...

And their wines are pretty good.  Most of the grapes were grown at the vineyard which is pretty difficult given the sandy soil so they are pretty proud.

We bought a bottle and sat out on the dock.  You can actually get there by boat....yay!

and these folks did - brought their kayaks right up to the dock!

we sat there for a while, listening to "Sittin' on the dock of the bay" and creating objects out of the clouds, lol!  Do you see the allegator?

and is this a heart or a dog's face?

I know, probably sounds like we are crazy but it was lots of fun.  Oh and check out this door on a building on the property -

it reminds me of my Granddaddy Walker's house.  The glass cranks out for the screen.  Antique LOL

I do love seeing 'work' boats so Ronnie stopped for me to snap this picture.

Then back to chill out and decide where we might go for dinner.  Maria suggested a nice italian restaurant in downtown Stevensville.  Off we go -

But after a 1/2 hour with no drinks or server, we opted out. And went someplace that we see everytime we cross the bridge.

The service and food were great and we got to see what's it like on the other side of the table =)

It was definitely a 'happenin' place on Saturday night -

Very fun day!

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