Our anniversary....

isn't complete without a 'get away'.  We just have to do something =)  So this year we planned a weekend on Kent Island.  We pass through/by year after year and always glance over to see the marina, restaurants and water town.  It's only about 2 hours away so seemed the perfect place to slip away for a few days.

We had cake -

and cards -

We both worked 1/2 day then packed our stuff and headed off -

not far down the road we hit rain.  I mean RAIN.  It rained so hard we had to pull over and wait it out.

Our first stop was the Annapolis Harley dealer.

We looked around a little then scooted on our way.  Our first night was spent here -

And yes, I was sorta a pain.  I didn't like our first room.  It had water 'view' and a jacuzzi.  I wanted water front.  I finally got my way, ha!  So we had this view -

See what I mean?!  Beautiful!  But I still couldn't leave them alone, lol.  I ended up locking the keys in the room =(  Oh well.  they tolerated me and I promised to leave them alone.

We eventually headed out for some dinner and this place was AWESOME!

and definitely loved our view from our table, too -

a train was running around the top of the room which reminded me of my Dad.  He LOVED his trains and had similar layouts in their home -

The crab, artichoke dip was sooo good -

honestly everything was great!  We will definitely stop by here again.

And I can't forget our wine selection -  nice, crisp Chardonnay.

We clearly had a great 21st Anniversary.  We received so many 'well wishes' from our family and friends.  Couldn't have been any better.  We are blessed.

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