Friday -

We interrupt this anniversary to make an important stop.....we had breakfast -

then headed here -

To visit Nanny -

Check out the 'old lady' flower Carolyn sent her, lol!

She's much better now and home but we wanted to spend some time with her in the hospital.  She has NEVER been in a hospital.  And boy did she give them a run for their money.  She definitely left a lasting impression on everyone from the nurses to the doctors to the physical therapist.  LOL.  She has tons of stories to tell, that's for sure!

On our way back we stopped in at one of the 4-on-the-shore wineries.

and then we headed off to our final destination (as far as accommodations) of our weekend -

Beautiful - We stayed in the Osprey Room -

The house was awesome -

it sits right on the Chester River which rolls into the Chesapeake Bay.  We have grown to like Bed and Breakfasts as long as we have our private bathroom.  This is our fourth experience and each is unique but very accommodating, welcoming and potential repeats, ha!

We hung out there enjoying all the amenities then decided on The Narrows for dinner.

As usual, I read the reviews before we decided and Ronnie recalled 'Darlene' being mentioned.  Ha!  She was our server -

Of course scallops were a choice -

and crab -

and we finally tried Rockfish!

Yep, a great Friday, too =)

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  1. Looks like such a great time ! Happy Anniversary :)