It's funny.....

but no matter how busy I was when my children were smaller, I ALWAYS found time to read. Books, magazines, papers, blogs. You name it and I read. I felt like I learned alot. It was fun.

And today when my children are very independent and off on their own, when a magazine comes, I find myself skimming through. Looking at the pictures. Not at all interested in reading the articles. Sometimes I even throw them away without even looking.

This evening I'm home alone. Dinner is going. I have put things back in order and straightened the kitchen and dining room. I go get the mail and my latest AARP magazine (yes I am OLD).

So I take a minute, sit on the porch and open it up. Nope, I am just not feelin' it. So I sift through the pages and find a coupon then away it goes.

Oh well, maybe one day I will find the urge to once again read. Magazines. Blogs. Books. Funny how life changes. Hey but at least I tore out some coupons. Outback, Carrabarras, Bonefish! Not too bad. I feel like a Sr. Citizen. Certain days, 10% discount, lol!

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