Another team?! Whoa....

That's right, we have had high school (both Jefferson and Washington), travel ball and Summit Point but that just must not have been enough....

because tonight we headed to the field for the Charles Town Cannon's first game of the season!  This is a college summer team that now shares the Cougar field.  The ball players come together for this season, being hosted by local families.  Pretty cool.

Opening ceremony looked pretty familiar since their colors are the same as our's  =)

And throwing out the first pitch.....well that was Coach Lowery -yay!

They played the Strasburg Express -

and got their first win!

It was a great night, not to mention our favorite home town restaurant was one of their sponsors, ha!

So if you want more info, go HERE  You can also 'like' their page on Facebook and even follow them on Twitter.  The have quite a few games at home so if you're looking for something to do one evening, come on out to the ballpark!

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