It's DINNER time ....

I have gotten really boring with dinners. Not quite sure why but I have zippy motivation to get out of my funk which is just the normal dinners.....Spaghetti, Burgers, Chicken, Pork, you get the point. BUT....I love to grill (or maybe I love to have Ronnie grill, lol) Regardless when I saw a recipe today for zucchini I shared to my timeline on FB and requested Cierra make it. Yep....she's the one that wants to be the chef.

So here's the ingredients.....

and it seems like you 'roll it and pat it and mark it in a "B"...just kidding....

but I did roll it in all the ingredients then bake -

and yes....it was yummy!

Definitely a recipe we will use again....Happy grillin' =)

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