just another fish tale?!

Chase has always been our 'water boy' thus the middle name "Bay". He has been swimming since he was six months old and loves any activity that includes water. With that said, fishing is a natural hobby for him. Over the past two years he has really started enjoying the sport and learned to bait his own line as well as pull hooks from their mouths (yuck!). Luckily he can fish right by the house on Butch's pond and he has had his share of luck. Last Friday he and a friend were fishing on the pond and he called Ronnie to 'come see'. Wow! he really caught a large mouth bass! He was so excited!
On Father's Day he suggested that he and Ronnie go fishing in the afternoon. So...that's what they did. Unfortunately Ronnie only caught a small mouth bass so Chase is still in the lead =)

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