traveling soldier....

I work for a wonderful company and honestly, love my job. Over the past 18 years I have been given lots of opportunities, including travel to other areas of the United States. I have been to Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Mexico, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas..which leads me to this segment. Once again I am heading out of town. This trip is two fold; a leadership conference which is always so motivating and an annual recognition dinner in honor of those of us who have contributed to the success of our company. I will get to see lots of team members, some of which I have never been able to put a 'face with a name' and others that I am blessed to have the opportunity to see more often.

Anytime I travel I always miss Ronnie, the kids and my family. It has gotten much better over the years with such 'advanced' technology. We keep in close contact with e:mail, cell phones and of course one of my favorite method; texting!!

I'll be back at the end of the week but until then....

Chase, Cierra & Britt - Help out and be good and do my chores (pool and flowers); I love you very much!
J, Ash & Kayden - I love you guys, too; give Kayden a kiss from GiGi and tell her I can't wait until this weekend when we have her all weekend!
and last but certainly not least, Ronnie - I just have to steal Edward's quote "look after my heart, I've left it with you" ;)

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