A GREAT day of racing....

Last year Chase had the honor of winning the local Soap Box Derby held in Shepherdstown which sent him to Akron, Ohio to participate in the "Stock" race of the All American Soap Box Derby. That of course was a wonderful experience and one that was enjoyed by all of us. With that said, Chase had to obtain a new car this year since his championship car is now considered 'retired'. So...the shopping began. His new car arrived shortly after our Disney trip. A new car (this time a super stock) also gained him a new paint job and there was never a question what that was going to be. It had to be a "Jimmie Johnson 48" paint scheme. Chase and Ronnie finished up the last of the car kit last weekend just in time for registration and impounding.

Off to the races we go - this year the race was held in Ranson and we no longer had the constraint of being off the streets by noon. This was a huge improvement which also enabled the race to change into a 'double elimination' which gave all of the children many more opportunities to run their cars.

So, this morning started off for Ronnie around 4:45 a.m. but Chase didn't have to be there for driver registration until 7:30 a.m. Cars were inspected then a group photo was taken. The National Anthem was sung by Denny Sealey then the heats were ready to roll.

Chase and Derek made the first run down the hill as the 2008 Stock and Super Stock Champions.

Chase moved through two heats undefeated then moved into the "B" (losers) bracket when a girl driving a sparkling red white and blue car double phased him.

That didn't stop him though, he made his way back up through the "B" bracket only to face Jimmy Duncan....Yes, you read correctly!! These two are the best of buds twice a year. Soap Box Derby time and County Fair time. So, here they are, and to them, it doesn't really matter who wins!

Chase maintained his lead position in the "B" bracket with his next opponent none other than 'the girl in the sparkly red, white and blue car'!! She beat him the first race by 37/100's of a second however 'crashed' at the bottom of the hill and damaged her car to the point the race was delayed for nearly an hour while repairs were underway. Once the race was back underway, Chase won by 49/100th's. This 12/100th's of a second time differential moved him into the finals..wow, close huh?

Now, Chase is in the championship run against one of his Braves team mates, Nick Falso. Nick is driving a car with an Earnhardt, #3 paint job while Chase is driving the Jimmie Johnson car. Nick and Chase are both on the Cal Ripken Braves so, how cool is that!?

In the end, Nick is the one that took home the #1 trophy and will have a blast in Akron! Great racing guys!!

And, thanks to Mom & Dad, Britt, Cierra, Ash & Kayden and Donna & John for hanging in there all day long!!

Extras - some candid shots of Chase and Jimmy -

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