Our first....

but I'm sure this will be an annual event now.  We had a blast!

We bought two extra tickets -

we checked out the Silent Auction items (and started the bids going =)

We watched one of the Dad's push this Cheers cart around boosting tickets sales, lol

We played a few 'tips' -

And had quite a few holders quite a few times!

Finally winning $50 from one of them.

We listened for our numbers to be eliminated or win a prize (and be eliminated)

we even one four tickets to the Seven Springs Wing and Rib fest - but ended up swapping them out for this, LOVE it...

Then we won a $25 Pappa Johns gift card - but ended up swapping that out for Applebees - Love the trading idea.

We did finally get eliminated but not until there was less than 60 remaining.  Not too bad for our first time and only 4 tickets out of 400.  I didn't understand how it worked but the ten remaining numbers came up front -

and it all came down to one winner.  It was interesting though that as they eliminated, the remaining could chose to split or not.  When it was down to 2 or 3, they opted to split.  Pretty fun to be a part of this awesome event.

Oh and the silent auction items?  Well, we won two -

A cute basket filled with gift cards - and to some of our fav places...

A one day course at BSR (Summit Point Raceway) for Accident Avoidance Highway Safety.  Invaluable training in how to handle the emergency highway situations that just precede accidents - skidding, off road recovery, swerving to avoid objects, etc.  Hands-on training in normal cars, on real roads at highway speeds.  I was so excited.  I wanted to send Chase and Cierra through this but it was a just a little too expensive.  Now we have this certificate and Ronnie has one already so they BOTH get to go.  Awesome!

I'd say it was a pretty fun night with lots of good prizes and LOTS of money to support the Tsunami Softball team.  Love that!

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