It's all about the calories.....


I am very conscientious of my calorie count during the day.  I kinda fail at dinner time but breakfast and lunch matter.

For a few years now I have become a huge fan of Special K.  Their 100 calorie breakfast bars that come in Strawberry, Blueberry and a few other flavors were my Monday - Friday 'go to'.

Recently Belvita moved into the top position -

I love the Blueberry but have come to like the Chocolate and Cinnamon.  Costco even sells the big box. They are higher in calories but good for protein and energy so I was ok with the change.

And then came the Special K Hot Cereal.  YUM.

Ok, so it's 190 calories but soo good.  Good enough to alternate with my Belvita, ha!

When lunch time comes, I am a fan of Lien Cuisine and Smart Choice.  Costco even has them in 8 packs which is really cheap.  And best of all, they are all really good.

What's your favorite breakfast and lunches?!

Now if I could just exercise in combination with my healthy 'day time' eating habits, I may just lose some of these extra 'winter' pounds.  The struggle is real =)

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