Oprah's gift list?!

I'm sure NOT but it really SHOULD be.  This little, cheap, awesome item has become my daily favorite!

Sounds silly, huh?  Well I LOVE, LOVE pedicures but obviously need to limit myself to twice a month due to the expense =)   One time I went with Cierra to 'her' place and they 'gave' me my sponge to keep LOL

So I've used it and like it but it's wearing out.  During my recent Walmart trip, I strolled down the 'foot' isle and found the Pedi-scrub.

It. is. awesome.  without a doubt.  - I use it every night.  The soft side first to 'buff' my feet -

then the rough side for the scrubbing.  It lathers on it's own and says it lasts for 20 washes.  Knowing how much I love this thing, I have to pick up some to keep on hand just in case one night it decides to not lather =)

Just think if this was on Oprah's gift list the taxes would be cheap and you wouldn't even have to get a 'winning' form - it's less than $5 - hehe

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