Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

When an odd number appeared on my phone yesterday (that I couldn't answer), I wondered who it was.  Hmmmm  they actually left me a voicemail.  When I got a minute, I listened.

She said -

Hi, this is Lori from Camillions......you won the drawing so can come pick up your tote!  Wohoo!!!!

Ahhh and it's my newest, fav pattern .... LOLA

I LOVE winning but it's even better when it is something that was on my 'wish' list!

And.....to make it even better, my Toms arrived today -I don't have any but thought maybe these would be cute for the beach......

And look....I get a pair and so does a child in need.  LOVE that.  Not to mention they even come with a little bag for packing....

No, it really doesn't take much to make me smile =)  Who LOVES Toms AND Vera Bradley?!

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