States -----

Summit Point hosted the State tournament this year which made it very convenient for us.  We were pretty excited going in (to say the least, ha) - new cleats -

bright jersey -

plenty of water and gatorade.  Pre game time with a very important member of his fan club -

Cierra preparing to keep the concession stand running and us juggling our work schedule... but through it all, I couldn't help but think about my Dad.  He would be there.  Sitting in his chair, chatting with some of the parents and rooting Chase on.  Of course it took us back to last year when Chase went to States down in Princeton.  Dad couldn't make the trip but was sure to leave him a voicemail....

One we can listen to over and over again.  These would be the same words he would say today....

And just to make sure he knows we know he is with us, we decorated his marker for the duration of the tournament -

The first game was a win, 2nd, not so much.  Third, another win -and now this afternoon at 5 we play again.  We need to work our way all the way back up through the losers bracket.  Here's some highlights of my fav player -

ahhhh - catch it!

he loves stealin' bases =)

listening to the 'end of the game' feedback -

So....carry on, carry on.  We gotta win the next game.  Keep digging out of the losers bracket.  We CAN do this!!

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