Life is good -

This is the first weekend in a very, VERY long time that I had "nowhere to go, nowhere to be" (as Kenny says it).  This meant a lot of time to myself and I took advantage.  FULL advantage.

I cleaned the house (and my head, ha).

I did laundry (and sorted by thoughts, lol),

I rearranged some furniture (rearranged my priorities),

I packed for a much needed yardsale (trying to get rid of what I don't need in my life).

I listened to a lot of music (applying what 'fit' to my life) 

Watched the Cannons lose 10-1 (faced my own losses)

I tanned/laid by the pool (at which time I was reminded that I need to start working out, ugh!)

I paid the final payment on our beach house vacation (got myself ALL excited, haha)

I have a renewed commitment (one more time) to my blog.  (I have some links to older posts below =( )

And through it all, I vowed to try really hard to accept the fact that somethings truly are better left unsaid.  It's easier to deal with on my own, change what I can, accept what I can't, understand that I can't change people (and most of the time people don't change even if they say they will) and best of all believe that "His will be done".

Happy Sunday my friends =)  Life really IS good!!

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