Today was the day...

I spent many a night on this farm -

 It was my Uncle Pete and Aunt Doris'.  That's where I really first learned about farming.  I loved going there.  But today, this school is on part of the property -

and today was the day we were to 'show up' -

Yep, it's hard to believe but today Cierra Jade got her cap and gown pictures for the year book. 

A few minutes to brush her hair -

just a touch up (so she doesn't look shiny, lol)

the fitting -

and then into the room for the perfect shot =)

and then for the real thing -

and then the grand finale' -

what an awesome day!  And to think that her and Blake will both graduate next year.  Pretty cool ---

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  1. She is beautiful !!! Geesh time flies doesn't it ????