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Games cancelled so we ended up with a 'free' day.  Yay!  We made a run to Winchester and talked about what we wanted to do in the evening.  Options?  Cannons game.  Nope, they were out of town.  Concert at Tarara.  Maybe.  Well...a little too far.  Andy?  Well, he was playing at Dan's in Boonsboro. We hadn't been and he didn't start until 9 which is kinda late given we weren't sure what time our games would be today.  Decisions, decisions.

But, with the games cancelled, I did get to have some fun -

I had not been to a party before.  Definitely fun trying the jewelry and eating some yummy food.  Decisions were hard here, too.  LOL

It was the consultant's first show so her sponsor was there.  While chatting I learned she lived in Boonsboro.  You guessed it, I asked about Dan's.  Here's where I learned the history.  You see Nora Roberts lives in Keedysville which is a small town just on the outskirts of Boonsboro.

She basically owns the town, ha!   The bookstore - "Turn the Page"

The Inn -

The Pizza shop -

and Dan of Dan's Restaurant is her son.  Imagine that!  Actually pretty cool.  All four corners of the main intersection.

So based on that, AND the fact that our first game isn't until 12:30, we decided to check out Dan's Restaurant -

And listen to Andy -

Now I'm not a beer person (so to say) but Dan's is known for their 24 beers on tap -

Given I'm a light drinker, we opted for some that are similar to Blue Moon and Shock Top -

The buffalo chicken dip was awesome -

The crab cake and steak wrap hit the spot -

and this "Andy" was pretty entertaining!

Ronnie did his share of entertaining - using the napkin ring as his wedding band, lol!

And then of course the main reason we went....never disappointed with this one man band!

It was a fun, spur of the moment night.  If you're looking for someplace fun to go, check out Dan's.

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