This would be the week that....

the house would be quiet.  Dinners would be for two.  No one to say 'good night to'.  Everything stays in order.  The grocery bill is lighter.  And, packages would be sent to two campers.

That's right.  If this were like the past three years, Chase and Cierra would be at 4H camp.  Chase had a ball tournament at the Cal Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen and Cierra decided to not attend this year in hopes of being a counselor next year.  With that in mind, this week is just like any other week and that's ok with us.

4H has played an important part in Cierra's growth.  She doesn't hesitate to speak in front of groups, volunteers to help out and looks forward to conducting the club meetings as "president".

So when the application came to sign up to be a counselor for Bud Day, she filled it out on her own and mailed back.  Not long after, this arrived -

Then the day came -  her group was the Kangaroos -

And boy there was a lot of kids!

But more importantly the recognition and thanks she received.  Wow, a simple Thank you! goes a long way.

Nice job Cierra - we are very proud!

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