times and not even in Disney, but Minnesota!

A friend shared a story with me today that I felt was 'blog' worthy. You see her daughter Hannah was featured on my blog a few years ago. She's definitely a softball kind of girl and recently she had the honor of working with a magical group of kids!

 According to what I learned, a magical field is created. Made out of rubber and painted up to look just like a ball field for these guys and girls to enjoy a day at the park!

Hannah wasn't quite sure why she had to wear her uniform that day but once explained that she would be a mentor, a buddy to a special child, someone that she would get to teach about softball and someone that she would forever be remembered as a ball friend, she didn't hesitate.

She didn't know this little guy until that day but don't you agree they look like pretty good friends?!

I love things like this where children get an opportunity to make a difference in other "special" children's lives.  I think it was a pretty magical day, totally makes my heart smile =) Hannah....your friends back in West Virginia are proud of you!

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