Scenes from Sunday -

This is the first weekend so far this Spring/Summer that I haven't had ANYTHING to do. And, better yet....there was no rain!

I was able to spend some much needed, quality time thinking, napping, getting my priorities straight, reading, laying by the pool, floating in the crystal clear, blue water, planning our upcoming trip this week and sipping on lemonade, ha!

Today I decided to take my camera out to capture the all the beauty around me.

It was Bike West Virginia day -

I am not kidding when I say thousands of bicycles went by our house (there's an advantage to living on the corner, by the road).

My flowers are lookin' pretty good -

Scanlon always enjoys going across the lane, into the woods -

The birds were singing - And then suddenly I noticed something overhead. It was soaring.  It was graceful.  It was moving slowly, peacefully.  A buzzard?  A goose?  I thought for sure it looked like a bald eagle!

So I took some pictures and sure enough, it is!  Ronnie will be sorry he missed the show =)  As it turned out, my neighbor pointed out that there were actually three eagles flying overhead.  Very cool.

But I can't neglect to show you this lady that catches my eye every time!

I always think it is our neighbor, lol. (where's her pants?! Steve?)

The clouds eventually appeared but that was ok with me.  There's still laundry to be done, dinner to be started and of course figuring out the final touches to our anniversary excursion.  I'm just a little bit excited!

Two days then off we go - yippee!

I hope you all had a great weekend and this coming week is exactly what you want it to be =)

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